• SMU Cox School of Business 2000’ 3-5 month internship


  • Cattle Barron Ball 2021’
  • Hyerwood Elementary school fundraiser 2021’
  • Park Cities 4th of July Gold-Sponsorship 2022’, 2021’, 2000’
  • Friends of DAS - Nonprofit organization: rescuing animals
  • CitySquare: Nonprofit social services

In the Community

  • Park Cities People Paper
  • Preston Hollow People Magazine


  • Nor-Tex Greenscapes sponsor Park City’s 4th of July Parade
  • Nor-Tex Greenscapes sponsor Elementry School: Ribbon  2024
  • Nor-Tex Greenscapes sponsor  Plaza Park Cities Christmas Tree Lighting 2024
  • Nor-Tex Greenscapes sponsor Park High School Home-Coming Football game 2024
  • Nor-Tex Greenscapes sponsoring Highland Park Highschool 2023’ home-coming event via Park Cities People Papers 1st annual
  • Nor-Tex Greenscapes 3rd annual sponsorship Snider Plaza Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony 2023’ event
  • Nor-Tex Greenscapes Sponsorship position Park Cities 4th of July Parade 4th time
  • Nor-Tex grieenscapes sponsor for Communities Foundation under 40 event
  • Nor-Tex greenscaoes donor DAS (Dallas Animal Services
  • Nor-Tex Greenscapes sponsor Cattle Barron Ball
  • Nor-Tex Greenscapes sponsor Hyer elementary school Auction evening fundraiser


  1. 2024’ Park Cities 4th of July Parade “sponsor” in association with Park Cities Newspapers FOURTH YEAR TO SPONSOR
  2. 2024’ Snider Plaza Christmas Tree Lightening Event “sponsor” in association with Park Cities Newspapers THIRD YEAR TO SPONSOR
  3. 2024’ Highland Park Highschool Home-Coming Football Game Highlander Stadium “sponsor” in association with Park Cities Newspapers SECOND YEAR TO SPONSOR